How to do the * Push *

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How to do the * Push *

Post by Momma on Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:26 pm

1. When your doing Raids and you want to make some extra resources then this is how you do it.

2. At 30 seconds you send your Caravans of either Food,Gold or Iron depending on what your capacity is and how much resources you have. Then at 5 seconds after the raid hits you cancel the caravans.

3. Now in able to do the Double Push you have to send your caravans BEFORE you send your raid. Send 25k of either Food, Gold or Iron to do this. Wait until your caravans come back to your castle and then send your raid. Then at 25 seconds you send another 25k of the same resources you just sent and then cancel at 5 seconds after the raid hits. This is how you do the * Double Push *

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