Raiding Castles 101

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Raiding Castles 101

Post by Momma on Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:03 pm

When you are looking for good raids there's some things you need to know. If the player is active or inactive? Will you be attacked or fireballed after? There's some things you can learn just by looking at their profile

Here's a brief explanation of what we look for when raiding profiles.

NOW, when it comes to raiding you should start by looking at level 30's and above.
Spend a bit of time on your map. Work out where the bubble players are on your map and go in the opposite direction. Start within a 20 mile radius! So start within the 5mile first and thumbnail all players you want to come back to and continue to
expand outwards. Even add people in leagues as they could be potential raids.

Once you have found about 10 or more players go back to your keep and go through your contacts. Check for ally status before checking their castle

Go into each castle and look for:
how many barns and warehouses they have (1 holds maximum of 73k, 2 of each means
between 73k- 140k, 3 means up to 220k)
if they have house of unity (was added a month ago)
What buildings have placed (council of mages means they are passed occult arts in lost arts. If they have no building but feats of valor then they are a money player)

Once you've checked this and their profile, spy and see the amount of resources that they have. Also take into consideration their catacomb limit before raiding. This will determine a final desicion and make them a potential raid target. When sending
the raid make sure to always check the carrying capacity of your offence. They can only carry 95% away with them so always have over the amount you want to take away.
eg. 50k raid so I would want to send 56k worth of carrying capacity

NEVER send defence or spies on a raid. They don't work well in offensive roles.

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