League Daily Tasks

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League Daily Tasks

Post by Momma on Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:15 pm

1. Please do your 10 Raids a day - Do NOT hit leagues who are position 1-100 that will get us into a war and we do not need that so please be mindful of who you hit.

2. Do your Daily Quests - That is on the left hand side of your screen with the number 10 on it. Under the Gold Eagle.

3. If you do Battlegrounds you only use Infantry and Calvary. Nothing Higher!! No Occult or Bestiary!!!

4. Make sure you upgrade your Castle buildings such as Townhouses,Mines,Farms,Catacombs, Market and Thieves Guild.

5. Make sure you upgrade your Lost Arts ( Scrolls ) to level 32. 30-32 will cost sketches.

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